A.G. Newsletter #79: Your Questions Answered, Florida O.J., Key Lime Pie, Maoz Falafel, Casa D'Angelo & Mother's Day Brunch

Hey Newsletter Fans,

I'm answering your questions right now LIVE on my blog. Click over here and ask a question and I'll be sure to answer it (unless you ask for my ATM pin number; all right, all right, it's 7141).

Also: if you're a "Mad Men" fan, you might enjoy the essay I wrote this morning about Fat Betty and last night's episode. Click here to read it.

This weekend, I was a good son and went to Florida to visit my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day. Of course, when I visit Florida, my mom always buys me my two favorite Florida food things. #1: fresh-squeezed orange juice.

And rainbow cookies from Way Beyond Bagels:

No two tastes taste more like home!

While home, I ate at some of my parents' favorite restaurants. At Chops, I ate Caesar salad and steak; but my favorite part of the meal was this key lime pie:

Seeing this picture here in the newsletter, I'm realizing that I've never made a proper key lime pie. I've made a frozen key lime pie for Thanksgiving dinner, but a proper key lime pie? Never done it; now I just have to find some key limes and invite some people over and I'll finally have an excuse to make one. Until then, though, I'm glad I got to eat this one in Florida.

On Saturday, I went to the Town Center mall with my brother Michael and his wife Tali. Michael was hungry (he hadn't eaten much that day) so he stopped for a snack at Maoz in the food court:

When I went to Barcelona back in 2009, I polled my readers on the best places to eat and several had said "Maoz." So when I was in Barcelona, I was excited to see Maoz and thought it was specific only to Europe; but then back in New York, I discovered one in Union Square. And now here's one in Boca Raton.

My brother loaded up his green-flecked falafel with lots of fixings:

I didn't get to try a bite, however, so we'll have to trust my brother that this was tasty. (I did sample one of his sweet potato French fries, which I enjoyed.)

On Saturday night, we went out to one of my parents' favorite Boca restaurants, Casa D'Angelo. I may have newslettered about Casa before but, as you can guess from the name, it's Italian.

On the table, you get some cheese and olives:

And bruschetta with fresh tomatoes:

I won't walk you through the whole meal, but I really enjoyed my entree of rigatoni with Italian sausage:

I especially liked the ricotta spooned on top---it made everything extra creamy.

Finally, yesterday we went to a Mother's Day brunch at "the club" with my mother and grandmother pictured here:

Again, I won't go into too much detail, but suffice it to say--there were blintzes:

Here's the table at the end of the meal:

As you can see, it was a very nice brunch.

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers out there!

Until next time....

Your friend,
Adam (The Amateur Gourmet)

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