A.G. Newsletter #128: Big Sappy News, A Podcast, Chosun Galbee, SQRL, & Golden Road Brewing

Hey folks,

If you're the mushy sort who gets all choked up when you hear someone that you know and like is getting married, you may want to grab a tissue. Something happened at Rustic Canyon, last Thursday, and that's all I'm going to say. You'll have to click to find out.

(I think you can guess!)

The other exciting news is that I started a podcast called THE CLEAN PLATE CLUB and I'm really proud of it. The concept is this: I invite a food person and a non food person over for dinner with me and Craig and record the conversation. Our first guests were L.A. Weekly Food critic Besha Rodell and author/playwright/NY Magazine Smash-recapper Rachel Shukert. Click here to listen on my blog or click here to listen in iTunes.

Now on to newsletter stuff...

We met up with our friend Rob and other friends at Chosun Galbee down in Koreatown last week. I didn't do any of the ordering, but I did do lots of eating. We started with the little plates of banchan:

Shared an enormous seafood pancake:

There was this kimchi soup:

And, finally, THE BEEF. And pork.

This place was good though I think I like Park's a little better and also this place that a Korean wrestler owns that I went to with Jim Cantiello but I forget the name.

On Thursday, I went with Diana to SQRL because she'd never been there. The food was, once again, top notch. We shared a cheddar sandwich with tomato jam and kale that was oh so good:

We also shared a Mangalista ham sandwich that had so much interesting flavor, it gives Iberico ham a run for its money.

Finally, on Friday, we met up with our friends Greg and Jordan at Golden Road Brewing company right here in Atwater Village.

The place was totally bustling but we still managed to score a table. Here's the scene inside:

The cool thing about this place is they make their own beer. I had fun talking to the woman behind the counter about what kind of beer I should get; I wound up with an IPA that tasted of citrus.

And I had a hamburger that had sun-dried tomatoes on it but don't judge.

All right, that's it for this week folks!

I'm headed to Seattle, Bellingham and the San Juan Islands on Thursday and won't be back until the following Saturday, so there'll be no newsletter next week. But when I'm back I'm going to be producing blog posts, newsletters and podcasts like crazy... so get ready.

Until next time....

Your friend,
Adam (The Amateur Gourmet)

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