Casual Food Blogging 💁

Hey everyone!

I've been inspired lately to do some casual food blogging. You know: just some laid-back dispatches from my kitchen without worrying too much about the pictures or typing up printable recipes (sorry!).

I'm thinking I may attempt a similarly casual approach with this newsletter. Deb from Smitten Kitchen does a great one each week where she writes a little message like this at the top and then puts links to her most recent posts below it. (David Lebovitz does an excellent one too; you can sign up on his blog.) I think that might work for me because you'll get all of the same, personal food writing that you enjoyed before, except most of it'll be on the blog and you can leave comments there and post the recipes (well, the "recipes") on facebook, etc. Who knows? I'm just kind of winging it here. But let's give this a go!

Your friend,