I bought cherries. 🍒

Hey everyone!

The rumors are true. I bought cherries at the farmer's market yesterday:

These aren't the first cherries that I bought this year: last time around, I made a cherry apricot pie. But these ones, I've just been eating. And that's a perfectly fine thing to do with cherries: I recommend you do the same.

On Friday, we went with our friends Ryan and Jonathan to Musso and Frank's and sat in Charlie Chaplin's booth.

If you recognize Ryan (on the right) great! That means you've been watching his show Special on Netflix. And if you don't recognize him, shame on you. Get on your Netflix right now and start watching.

Here are some interesting links that I bookmarked for you this week:

- Ten Ways To Lower The Cancer Risk of Grilling, The New York Times.

- Apple Blackberry Slab Pie, David Lebovitz.

- The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2019 (Full List of Winners), Eater

Ok... I better go eat some cherries. But don't miss the links below: I've been cooking some good things lately.

Your friend,