Whole Lemon Strawberry Sorbet

Hey everyone,

First things first!

Nicole Rucker is my guest on this week's Lunch Therapy (click here to listen!).

Nicole is one of the most incredible bakers you'll ever meet: she was the pastry chef at Gjelina-To-Go and Gjusta, won the blue ribbon at the KCRW Good Food pie contest FOUR times, and is now the author of Dappled: Baking Recipes for Fruit Lovers. During today's session, she opens up about leaving Fiona, the bakery she started less than a year ago. It was a painful decision, and we spend some time walking through it; we also talk about her influences, especially her step-mother who opened her up to the world of restaurants. Things get very emotional (there's crying!) but we also have a lot of fun. So click here, check it out, then subscribe to the podcast. Oh and please review it too (but only if you like it!). :)

Otherwise, I made the most incredible sorbet yesterday. It had a WHOLE LEMON, two pounds of strawberries, and two cups of sugar. You just blend all that and churn it. I swear, that's it and it's incredible. See the link below!

Ok, folks... that's all for this week. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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