Carey O'Donnell's Starbucks Sandwich

Hey everyone,

Excited to share with you this week's episode of Lunch Therapy!

Not JUST because my guest is the hilarious Carey O'Donnell - a comedy writer for Billy on the Street, Heathers, and Summer Camp Island -- and not just because our conversation gets very deep (we talk about everything from soup to coming out to Carey's struggles with addiction), but also because this week features an entirely new audio set-up. A very talented sound person named Rob came over with all new equipment (fancier microphones, one of those things you plug the microphones into) and it sounds a zillion times better. So if you listened to the first few episodes and thought, "I like this, but it sounds terrible!" now you have no excuse.

So click HERE to listen to this week's episode!

And I know I keep making this ask every week, but it means SOOOOOOO much to me: if you're enjoying the podcast even a little bit, if you can leave a review in iTunes that would mean the world to me. It just helps it gain traction on there and every little bit helps. To those of you who already left reviews, thank you thank you thank you. And to everyone else, it's not too late to do a kindness for your favorite newsletter writer! (I am your favorite, aren't I?)

As for non-podcast related stuff, we took Winston to a dog beach yesterday (Rosie's in Long Beach) and he was tentative at first, but eventually enjoyed the water.

Cooking-wise, I made a pretty incredible panzanella yesterday using really stale bread. Italians sure have the best uses for stale bread. I mean, it was the kind of stale where I almost threw it away; but thrown into a bowl with juicy tomatoes, lots of olive oil and vinegar and basil, it soaked everything up and became oh so delicious.

And that same bread, when it was fresh, became the basis for a morning treat: peach ricotta toast. I was basically out of yogurt, had some ricotta in the fridge, and a peach and that bread, so I sliced it, toasted it, drizzled it with olive oil, put ricotta on top, put the sliced peach on top of that, put on more olive oil, some honey, a little salt, and pepper.

Give it a try sometime!

Ok, that's all for this week. Check out a new recipe below for pasta with zucchini and almonds. It's pretty rad.

Until next time....

Your friend,