Bill Addison's Big Sampler Plate

Hey gang,

This week we have a real special guest on Lunch Therapy! So special, in fact, that he can't reveal his face:

That's because he's Bill Addison, the James Beard award-winning food critic for the L.A. Times.

In today's session, we go deep into his past, Ratatouille-style, and learn about his formative restaurant experiences (he still remembers the name of the waiter!), his obsession with Lebanese food, his capacity for self-criticism, and his mother's potato rolls. We also talk about his writing technique, L.A. as the greatest food city in America, and why he gets so mad when a restaurant sends over free food.

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Speaking of blogging, I blogged two recipes for you today! Greek Stuffed Peppers (they're amazing) and French Pizza. French Pizza? See below.

Until next week....

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