My Mother's Disappointing Latke

Hey everyone,

Today's podcast guest is one of the most formidable figures in the food world... MY MOTHER!!!

CLICK HERE and listen to her talk all about traveling the world on cruises, eating at diners, dieting (she used to work at The Diet Center on Long Island), and her unabiding love for pickles -- but not the one she had at lunch. We also cover her love for restaurants (she memorizes table numbers!), my grandmother's encounter with Jean Nidetch (founder of Weight Watchers), and why it's so hard for her to be healthy while living it up with my dad.

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My friend Ryan O'Connell got to do a Grub Street diet -- that's where public figures keep a record of what they eat for New York Magazine's food blog -- and in his entry, he said the nicest things about the dinner that I cooked him. It was a pretty special dinner. It started with an heirloom tomato salad with burrata:

The entree was cacio e pepe (that's Ryan's friend Karley at the table, along with his boyfriend Jonathan):

And for dessert, I made another batch of David Lebovitz's Mint Chip. I seriously can't stop making it, it's so good. (Polished off a carton last night.)

Finally, I told my friend Ben Mims recently that I had too much stone fruit and that I wanted to turn it into a jam, and he gave me the best formula: weigh the cleaned, sliced fruit; take 1/3rd that amount, and add that amount of sugar; take 1/3rd the amount of sugar, and add that amount of lemon juice.

Crank up the heat and cook until it's nice and thick (be careful, that's molten hot and sticky and will really hurt you if it gets on you). I err on the side of letting it be a little runny, rather than too thick (b/c once it seized up on me).

Ladle into a super clean jar and it'll keep for a week or two in your refrigerator. I put it on oatmeal the next morning and it was oh so good!

That's all for this week, folks!

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