A New & Improved Amateur Gourmet

Hey A.G. fans,

I finally did it... I relaunched my blog in earnest.

Check out the NEW AND IMPROVED AMATEUR GOURMET (<--click that to see it).

What's so great about this relaunch?

I spent the last few weeks putting everything into categories; now you can find all of my pasta recipes in one place...

...all of my cake recipes, all of my breakfasts.

Just click the menu at the top and my culinary world is at your feet:

Impressed yet?

But wait, there's more. I created a whole travel section, so you can vicariously enjoy our jaunts through Europe and New Orleans and New York.

And today I wrote an epic post you're going to love about Our Trip To Japan.

Oh, and get this? The new recipes I've been posting? They're printable.

So go ahead and print the recipe for these incredible ricotta pancakes, that converted Craig from a pancake-hater to a pancake-lover.

Here's a screenshot so you can be impressed:

Click here for the rest.

You can also print the recipes for my latest posts about White Bean Soup with Parmesan and Kale, Multicolored Plum Cake with Pistachios, Melissa Clark's Darkest Chocolate Sorbet, and Adeena Sussman's 24-Hour Salted Lemon Spread.

So there you go, a new and improved Amateur Gourmet.

Head on over there, leave some comments, bring the place back to life, and I promise to keep posting on it.

And I'll keep you updated every Monday with this newsletter, which I'm (obviously) starting up again.

Here's to some happy stuff in an otherwise bleak 2020!

Your friend,
Adam (The Amateur Gourmet)