The Ultimate Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

PLUS: Isaac Oliver on Lunch Therapy

Hey everyone,

I made the ultimate strawberry-rhubarb pie this weekend and it was such a huge hit, I decided to blog the recipe. CLICK HERE to read all about it! I mean, who could resist a pie like this?

Also, on Friday, I blogged a recipe from Gregory Gourdet’s new cookbook, Everyone’s Table. What was it? The most incredible, delectable CASHEW HUMMUS with HARISSA.

Imagine the richness and the sweetness of cashew butter mixed with the garlicky, lemony zippiness of the best hummus and you’ll get the idea. This wowed everyone who tried it. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Finally, the hilarious and brilliantly talented Isaac Oliver is my patient this week on Lunch Therapy:

The author of the hilarious book Intimacy Idiot (one of NPR’s Best Books of 2015) and a writer for such TV shows as High Maintenance and GLOW, Isaac talks all about why he eats lunch at 5 o'clock, how he likes to be bossed around by Ottolenghi recipes ("he's got me up to my elbows in harissa!"), why his parents helped him choose a porn to watch on Christmas (!), his relationship to Baltimore crabs, and why he's terrified of cooking for others.

CLICK HERE to listen! And please, do me a favor, if you like it… leave a nice review on Apple Podcasts. It really helps.

Those are this week’s updates!

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