Hi I’m Adam Roberts, I love to cook, but I don’t take myself too seriously.

Ever since I started my food blog, The Amateur Gourmet in January of 2004, I’ve been entertaining people with my adventures in the kitchen. I love baking, salad-making, but most of all, I love to make pasta.

This is my orecchiette with broccoli rabe, you can read my newsletter with the recipe here.

I’ve written three books, including Secrets of the Best Chefs and the upcoming Give My Swiss Chards to Broadway: The Official Broadway Lover’s Cookbook (with Tony-nominated actor, Gideon Glick.)

I was one of the original writers on Serious Eats, the first official web show host for Food Network, a writer on ABC’s The Real O’Neals, and I’ve contributed to such publications as Food & Wine, The Washington Post, and The L.A. Times.

Vin d’Orange, an infused beverage with citrus, rose, and vodka, and a vanilla bean… learn how to make it in this newsletter from March.

Currently, I’m busy hosting The Amateur Gourmet Podcast (recent episodes include a deep dives into wine and Food TV), hosting a cooking show on YouTube, and, most importantly, writing my Substack newsletter twice a week.

On Monday, I write a free newsletter that goes out to everyone! It’s packed with recipes, restaurant write-ups, stories, links, and pictures of my dog Winston.

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The secret to a happy marriage? Sausage ragu. A paid subscriber’s only Thursday dispatch.

Welcome to the club!

Excited to share my cooking and food adventures with you.