Roast Chicken Secrets, Teaching Jonathan How To Cook, Big Pot Of Seafood, The Tomato Test, Botanica, Whole Date Oatmeal, and Cyber Monday at Trois Mec

Hey gang,

So I've realized that I'm really bad sending out these e-mails every two weeks, and after talking to some other food bloggers about it, I'm going to start automating these e-mails so you'll get an update in your inbox every time I do a new post on the blog (which is generally once or twice a week). I think this'll be better for everyone: you'll know when there's something new and exciting to read, and I'll get to communicate new recipes / restaurant reviews to you with all of my exuberance gathered in one place and these e-mails will just notify you when that's happening.

So, for example, all of these posts that I'm going to tell you about are a few weeks old... and you would've known about them right away had I automated. Like...

* My Roast Chicken Secrets Revealed. This post was hugely popular after David Lebovitz linked to it on his Facebook page. Part of the reason it was so popular was because of the picture he used to link to the post:

So, yes, a lot of butter is my secret. But head on over to that post to get the full story.

* I taught my friend Jonathan how to cook. And I didn't go easy on him either...

He made a whole dinner, with me yelling at him Gordon Ramsay style, featuring Caesar salad, Fusilli alla Vodka, and Flourless Chocolate Cake. Click that link to experience that journey.

* Lots of Seafood Cooked In A Big Pot With White Wine, Tomatoes, and Chiles de Arbol (Plus: Tahini Halva Brownies). This may have been the best dinner party I've hosted in a long time...

* Is your knife sharp enough? Take The Tomato Test.

* My Favorite Restaurant in L.A. Right Now Is Botanica.

* Whole Date Oatmeal. I make this at least twice a week.

* Cyber Monday at Trois Mec. Dinner at one of L.A.'s most celebrated restaurants for half the price. Click on over, the pics are pretty great!

OK, that's it for this week folks. Next time you get an e-mail from me it'll be from a robot version of me pointing you to the real version of me writing on my blog. It's going to be great!

Your friend,
Adam (The Amateur Gourmet)