The Violet Bakery's Rye Chocolate Brownies.

Reading in a browser? Click to get this in your inbox every week! Hey there, I'm getting my cholesterol checked today, which you may find funny as a reader of this newsletter. I mean, here I am about to share a recipe for the brownies I made this weekend (they were pretty incredible) and then show you all of the rich meals that we ate all week, how can I even look my doctor in the eye? Well the truth is I'm actually pretty healthy most of the week: lately I've been running three miles at the gym three days a week and drinking a smoothie for lunch. And when I make something like brownies, I have one or two of them, and give the rest away. Which is all to say that my cholesterol will probably be higher than it should be, but not off the charts high... right? I'm supposed to fast this morning, but I already ate a piece of toast. Let's hope writing about last week's meals gets me through the rest of the day (the appointment's at 4:20)....

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