With This Salad, I Thee Wed.

Reading in a browser? Click to get this in your inbox every week! Hey there, so the other night, Craig and I ordered pizza from Pizzeria Mozza-To-Go (via Caviar, my new favorite app) and for health purposes we also ordered a tricolore salad, Mozza's version being the best I've ever had (Nancy Silverton knows a thing or two about anchovies). When it arrived, I asked Craig if he could toss it in a big bowl, since I was still a little under the weather. He asked where the salad forks were and I told him just to use his hands. He seemed incredulous, but I explained that the hands are the ultimate tool in the kitchen! He rolled his eyes and proceeded to mix the leaves with the dressing while I set up the pizzas and poured the wine. Fast forward to us, twenty minutes later, eating our dinners... I went from pizza, to salad, back to the pizza, back to the salad, when suddenly I heard a CLANK against my fork. I pushed the leaves aside, and there inside my bowl, coated in an emulsion of garlic, anchovies, and Parmesan cheese, was Craig's wedding ring. It had slipped off while he was mixing the salad, he hadn't noticed at all, and I was this close to putting it in my mouth. I suppose if I had choked to death on it, there would've been some irony about my insistence that he use his hands. But I think the real lesson of the story is: he needs to get his ring tightened.

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