Natasha Leggero on Food TV Week

Welcome to the debut of The Amateur Gourmet Podcast! Fans of Lunch Therapy: don’t worry. You’ll still get all of the same in-depth interviews that you loved before, only now we’re doing it on a theme. And this week’s theme is FOOD TV. Natasha Leggero, host of the brand new TBS cooking competition show Rat in the Kitchen, comes on to talk about judging a cooking show, talking about food on TV, traveling with Chef Ludo Lefebvre, what she cooks at home, her dad sending back his pasta, and being married to someone who keeps kosher (comedian Moshe Kasher). Before that, though, my good pal Jonathan Parks-Ramage comes on to talk about his love for Top Chef (we dish on who’s the hottest) and, more importantly, Kids Baking Championship. Is it a celebration of youthful obsessions with all things culinary? Or is it a new way for stage parents to force their kids into the limelight? Be sure to visit my Substack newsletter to vote for your own favorite cooking show of all time and to get access to tomorrow's Ten Feisty Food Questions with Natasha.  

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