Punam Patel's Did I Even Want a Quiche?

Listen now (69 min) | Punam Patel is the Emmy-nominated co-star of Netflix's "Special" -- she's also appeared on "Kevin From Work" and "I Feel Bad" -- and on today's Lunch Therapy she declares, right out of the gate: "I am food." Hear all about her two-part lunch (three-part, if you include the apple cider doughnut), her trip to Spain, her exercise lunches vs. her no-exercise lunches, and her dad's famous meat curry that she can no longer eat (she's a pescatarian). We also talk about her dieting up through her thirties, arbitrary standards of beauty, what it's like dealing with that in Hollywood, and what it means to be a Brown Butter Jew (will somebody make the t-shirt?).

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