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i only saw everything everywhere all at once just recently, and by the end i was crying. i tried to think of a last time a movie made me cry, or feel anything in particular and i honestly couldn't think of...that...ever happening? this way? i keep trying to explain to people what this movie does, but i can't. which is kind of exactly the point i always fail to make about it - that it somehow, some way, conveys a feeling through totally weird lens, that couldn't be conveyed in words or any other way. and it's not a one note feeling like happiness or longing...it's like, encapsulating a lifetime, or maybe several lifetimes, of emotions all rolled into one.

i'm not asian, but perhaps as someone who has a very complicated and fraught but loving relationship with my mom, maybe that was a big part of it. but it was also about the love you share with your partner and...i don't know. it's been a month or more and i'm still processing it. it deserves every award.

ahem....anyway, can't wait to read about the pasta testing! (seriously tho!)

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