Cole Escola's Witchy Powder Smoothie

Listen now (61 min) | There are very few people who don't love Cole Escola, whether it's from their viral videos or as Chassie on "Cooking at Home with Amy Sedaris" or as Chip on Season 3 of "Search Party." In today's Lunch Therapy session, we get into Cole's neuroses, which all began with an episode of Oprah about the germs on the top of a soda can. We cover protein powders, acid reflux, veganism, whether or not they ate a latke at my latke party, and sanitizing grocery items. We also cover their hatred for fish and broccoli stems, the funniest thing that Amy Sedaris ever did to them (it involves popcorn), Hamburger Helper, desserts, boyfriends, and Alicia Silverstone.

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