Dan Ahdoot's Farmer's Market Ceviche

Listen now (63 min) | Stand-up comedian, Cobra Kai actor, and podcast host Dan Ahdoot (@standupdan on social media) and I met each other year's ago at a coffee shop in the West Village, and now I'm a professional lunch therapist and he's the host of a brand new Food Network show called Raid the Fridge (premiering December 28th at 10 PM). In today's session we talk all about seeking out the best restaurants when he travels, telling his parents that he wanted to be a comedian, arranged marriages, his mother's cooking, Turmeric, and the time his dad poured pasta sauce into boiling pasta water. We also cover new sensitives in the worlds of food and comedy (specially: cultural appropriation), taking chances, making chocolate soufflés with dinner guests, and how he stays in shape while eating such delicious food.

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