Mayukh Sen's Frozen Samosa Story

Listen now (69 min) | Today's patient, Mayukh Sen, is something of a wunderkind in the food world. At 29, he's the winner of a James Beard award for best profile, the author of the upcoming book "Taste Makers: Seven Immigrant Women Who Revolutionized Food in America," and a professor at NYU (!!), plus he writes about film for outlets like The Atlantic, Film Comment, and the Criterion Collection. In today's session, Mayukh reveals that he came into the food world by accident, why he prefers writing about other people to writing about himself, his anxiety about food poisoning, and his annoyance with the idea that going to a certain restaurant confers on you a special status. He also opens up about spending time with his mother during quarantine, how she cooked him three meals a day, his recent sobriety, losing his father just before winning the James Beard award, and how grateful he is to his parents for allowing him to fulfill his professional dreams.

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