May 18, 2022 • 52M

Where to Eat in NY

with Eater NY's Ryan Sutton

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Hey everyone,

I was the perfect audience for my own podcast this week because Craig (my husband, in case you’re new) is going to be back and forth to NY over the next five months to edit his movie, and I’ll be visiting often, and — crisis! — I don’t know where to eat. Add to that the fact that people still ask me: “Hey, Adam, I’m going to New York soon, what are the hot new restaurants?” As if I know!

Enter Ryan Sutton. Not only is he the James Beard award-winning chief food critic at Eater NY, he’s a born and bred New Yorker, who (like me) grew up on Long Island and is as passionate about his city as Billy Joel (who also, like us, is also from Long Island).

Atomix, the impossible-to-get-into widely lauded Modern Korean restaurant.

In today’s pod, Ryan wakes me up to the modern Korean Renaissance happening in NYC — with restaurants like Atomix, Attaboy, Cote — and weighs in on the whole Eleven Madison Park scandal vis-a-vis their new vegan menu.

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Then I bully him into giving me lists: what are the best old school spots that are still worth visiting? (The Clover Club is new to me.) What are the best new spots? (I’m curious about Hawksmoor.) Best pizza places? (Ryan weighs on on the hype surrounding Lucali and offers some alternatives.) WHAT’S THE BEST BEST BEST EVERYTHING?

The beloved new spot on almost every critic’s list, where you eat goat testicles and kidneys (and they’re delicious).

Well: no spoilers, but Ryan delivered. I just listened to it back and made a list with almost twenty places on it. I’ll have a lot of ground to cover when I go to visit Craig next month.

Become a paid subscriber and get my bonus ten questions with Ryan Sutton tomorrow! (Including: most overrated NYC restaurant, go-to bagel order, and where he’d have his last NY meal.)

Give it a listen and let us know your favorite NYC restaurants in. the comments.

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